In brief, the matters stood thus. Firstly, on my way to school I bought breakfast as usual in the morning. Due to the time, I could not catch our school bus; therefore, I decided to take the MRT to Jiantan station. When I got there, I could not endure the sense of hungry. I thought of breakfast what I just bought. Then, I was going to take a bite to stop my hunger. All of a sudden, I was frozen and saw one bug on my breakfast. No! It is not a simple bug. It is a cockroach the most disgusting insect all over the world! Of course, I lost my appetite immediately. To be honest, it is the craziest matters to look at the horrible insect and crawl on my breakfast. Thus, I tie the plastic bag and find a way to throw it away.
    Second, I had no class after three o’clock. According to the conventions, my boyfriend should drive the car to Yandmingshan to pick me up. However, that day I don’t know what was wrong with him. I looked at my watch seeing the time. As the minutes ticked away, I called him and asked him where he was. He said that he was waiting for me in front of my workplace. To be honest, he really pissed me off when he told me ‘‘the truth’’. I quickly hang up the phone and rushed to the school bus stop. My heart was going up and down, fearing I could not catch the school bus promptly. Just at this time the cell phone rang again; then, I picked it up. It was my boyfriend called back again. ‘‘What do we do now? ’’ he said. ‘‘Huh?’’ I answered confusedly. ‘‘Do I still need to go up the mountain?’’ he asked. ‘‘No! How long it will take you if you drive here right now? I take the school bus by myself! All you have to do is to wait where you stay!’’ Then, approximately thirty to forty minutes, I arrived at Taipei main station.
    Eventually, the most annoying matters happened. As soon as I saw the licenses plate, I got in the car. I pretended to sleep as if I were tired. When we were both in the car, I blamed him tongue-in-cheek because our next schedule was to go shopping to Ximenting. Then, approximately five pm he drove me to the company to draw the salary. Next, we got some food in certain restaurant to eat dinner. Suddenly, he told me a message: after we are done all of things, we had a dinner with his aunt. Honestly, I really hated someone who changed my plan and interfered with our dating. So I started to scream to go home and next I closed my eyes to pretend that I was sleeping. No matter how he begged me, I just didn’t agree with him. Increasingly, he became quiet and I still pretended to sleep .To my astonishment, he drove me home. I was frozen again and I exploded with anger. Still, I could not say anything. He just parked his car near my house and still kept quiet as if he was waiting for me to get out his car. Though I felt resentment at that moment, I still got off the car. Then, I took the bus to the Taipei station with rage again. On the bus, I cried tearfully and promised not to talk to him anymore.

    Fortunately, all the matters ended peacefully. He called me at night and explained his behavior to me. I also told him what had happened to me in a day. I knew it was not his own fault and both of us were wrong. I hoped that I would not leave the terrible day again!
Ava Ju(945/2000)


My Problem

   I tend to skip class this semester and I do not have any methods to improve. Indeed, I have been very busy since term begins. I work in a big cram school now and I am one of the homeroom teachers of my class. I take five classes to look after and need to wok at least four days. Sometimes, I even need to take my colleagues’ shift. And I do not know what happened to my body. It seems that my body enters a period of dormancy. Is it kind of sickness? I become more tired and have less spirits than before. When I wake up, I still want to keep sleeping. Even though I wake up successfully, I will feel sleepy in the evening. Therefore, if I do not have shifts, I will tend to sleep up to fourteen hours. It really bothers me because I cannot leave a regular life anymore. I often skip class than past two years. At first, I think that I am just too tired; therefore, I try to go to bed earlier lately. However, it helps me nothing and things getting worse and worse. Once I get free time to take a rest, I will fall asleep no matter where I am. I’m like a sleeping beauty but no one can wake me up. Today, I skip the class again and sleep until at noon. And I have been sit in front of my computer and thought my journal for three hours. Not surprisingly, I feel sleepy again but I still have lot of things to do such as homework, arranging schedule, etc. What’s wrong with my health? Am I supposed to see a doctor? I don’t have time to think these trifle things because I have to wake up at five in the morning. Why? To take someone’s shift till noon.

Ava Ju (310/2000)


The Weather

It is really cold. It must be spring now, but it is still frigid outside. I think the weather is enormous change because of human’s industry. The scientists invent many things that make our life more convenient. At the same time, we cause the weather different from once upon a time. We used to have spring, summer, fall and winter. But now, spring and fall seem disappear, and we just have extremely summer and winter.

I used to enjoy four of the seasons. I would feel the breeze in the spring; I would feel the sunshine in the summer; I would admire the maple like the red sky in the fall; I would feel freezing to end of the year in the winter. Every season is amazing. However, it change now. When we improve our life better, we must to think for our earth. If the earth couldn’t support our pollution anymore, one day we also perish with the earth. No matter what more invention we find, we just cannot use it.

I think we really attach importance to our earth. We need to not only protect our earth, but also invent the new thongs at the same time.


Chloris (199)


Reflection on MIT commencement video

I’m sorry that I did not have time to go cinema and watch a great movie recently, but I watched a great video on web. This is the video. 


 After watching this commencement video on MIT website, I felt that, the founder of Dropbox, Drew Houston’s speech is so fascinating. He well-organized the speech, and told MIT students a cheat sheet that himself would like to carry to the real world after he graduated, which included a tennis ball, a circle of 5, and the number 30,000. He also told us that nobody tells you that after today the recipe for success changes. These three things that were in the cheat sheet also gave me a reverse thinking of a successful life. Like in school, we always pursue good grades and every small mistake will make a big crack on your transcript. However, Drew’s speech has taught me that in the real world failure doesn’t matter, you only have to be right once. I totally agree to what he said on MIT commencement. It’s a knock on my head that reminds me that I’m a senior who should be ready to step into the society. I’m the one that is ready for lots of failure, and ready to grab every chance that will make me success in the future one day, which means I have follow my inner voice. He also told MIT students, but also told me (because I’m the listener too) that “you have to find your tennis ball, the thing that pulls you. It might take a while but until you find it, keep listening for that little voice.” The tennis ball is a metaphor to describe the things that pulls you but the original meaning is when the dog playing with the master, the master would like to throw the tennis ball high and the dog would be desperate to catch it, like it is good at catching it.  

     The second thing that is on cheat sheet is the circle of 5. I’m still working on this circle of 5, because I don’t have many friends or partners. To draw the circle may take me a decade or two because I don’t know who will come up to me next? Will it be a hero or an ordinary person that jumps into my life? Actually, I have no idea at all. I spend too much time on homework and school stuff that I didn’t think up any person at all. His speech has inspired me and also envisage my possibility of life would be like after I graduate.  

     The third thing that is on the cheat sheet is the number 30,000. We only have 30,000 of days in our lives. Which means I am 21 times 365 equals to 7665 days down! The days that past has made me today, however, the days that are not here yet is created by my hands today. For me, I think I should keep going and be ready for any chances. So I’m going to stop living too comfortable therefore start living challenging.


     I wish PCCU could have a commencement speech like MIT did. They provide their graduates with the most innovative thoughts and profound speech. However, how many people are actually listened? Do they get it to the point that Drew was trying to convince us? I would say every person has different path of life, each of them should be responsible for the path they choose for themselves. Drew’s point of view is just like a reminder that tells us should not forget the three things that will influence your life. I interpreted the three things to your goal, your 5 friends, your remains days. I interpreted to my own words because it is quite logical for me instead of the metaphor like tennis ball, a circle of 5, 30,000 that Drew tried to tell us.

Coco Yang

A reflection on peer's essay

A reflection on peer's essay.
Becoming an independent person
Anna Peng

  After reading peer’s article, I felt that I’m not independent enough now because I still have no jobs recently. Therefore, I have to rely on parents. The main structure of the article is to describe a new definition "mommy boy" and elaborate the content with the author's personal experience. And the main purpose of this article is  tell us to be more independent and stop relying on your parents. However, contrary thinking of this topic, I argue that parents’ behavior is the main problem of this topic. Why would I say that? It is because parents are scared of letting their kids to be out of the real world. They are likely to be protective to their kids. If parents let their kids to experience outside the home to work independently and to travel independently, their kid will grow up and more independent eventually. 

    Let’s talk about myself. I think that I was more independent when I was 10 than now. It is because I was at Singapore alone studying primary school and staying at my host family house. It was a difficult decision for my family that I told them I would like to stay in Singapore alone when I was only 10 years old.

     Let’s get back to the topic, as I mentioned just now, parents’ behavior is the main problem. At least my parents have no problem of letting me go. They have let me be out of Taiwan to experience what I have never experienced before. Therefore, I was quite appreciated for what my parents did for me that made me a different person. I think I was much independent than everyone else because I can cook by myself, open an account by myself, live alone by myself, and of course travel to New York by myself. Another thing that everyone would get frustrated while handling a situation like this, driving 5 hours straight from Kentucky to Atlanta by myself at two o’clock in the morning.And I did it. But thinking of the mommy boy that the article mentioned, I think they should live out of their comfortable circle and suffer in the real life. Then they will know how good it is like to be independent. 

     I also mentioned that I’m not an independent person now is because I’m living in a comfortable circle in Taiwan. Taipei city is a very convenient city compared to big city like New York or Boston. It is too convenient that you can see 711 in every block corner. You can buy things to eat there and buy stuff to use there and also buy grocery there. Why would people have to cook for themselves while such a convenient store is just a block away from your house. It is too convenient that made people feel that they don’t even need to grow up independently because they can rely on the convenient stuff. Also, new technology today made people feel even more convenient than the old days. Why people have to go library for research paper? Thanks to the technology today, we can use our iPhone or iPad to make a spectacular research paper.

Coco Yang  


Reflections on a composition

I am the type of person who seldom goes to the night market. The reason is that night markets are always very compact and populated. Eating food at the night market cannot be more difficult. Most of the foods along the night market are all take out. Most places that sell foods in the night market are just small stalls that do not offer seats. As a result, customers are forced to walk and eat at the same time which makes eating very inconvenient. Disposing of trash at the night market is also a serious problem. Even though there are rubbish buns all over the night market, some low-class citizens will always litter on the streets because they are unwilling to walk that extra meter to throw away their trash. On top of that, even when the stalls have seats, it’s usually outdoors and the seats are very small and uncomfortable. Finally, my personal bias towards night market is that the food there gives me an impression of being very unsanitary. Street vendors have very little space to operate their business so they take advantage of every space possible. They will also put the food out there in the open. For me, that’s not a very pleasing sight. Thousands of people walk past those exposed food. For all I know, germs could be spreading all around in the compact night market and into the foods.
        One thing that boggles me is that stalls in Taiwanese night markets sell extremely fattening foods. Each food displacement always seem like one bite could cause a heart attack. The amount of oil and sugar coated on these food products seem incredible. One surprising element is that the people who usually go to night markets for dinner are not fat! You would think that people who like night market food would be overweight due to the amount of calories they consume but that have not been the case according to my observation. The only thing I like about night markets are the shaved ice restaurants and accessary shops. Most luxury good items in a night market are extremely cheap. The only downside is that most of these items are non-branded and are not durable.

        Overall, this writer seems to have a very positive view on the night market. Of course, it’s a must go destination for tourists of Taiwan because it’s our landmark. However I am really not into “exotic” foods and I really don’t enjoy the night market atmosphere. I would much rather go to a restaurant for food.


Reflection Essay

When I was study in private girl’s high school, our school has lots of different type of tests and competitions be held as scheduled. Such as, test about Chinese proverbs and allusions, test about Chinese poem, test about Chinese words, test about Chinese sounds, test about English words, and recite the English text. Every time when I recall the life in the high school, I have no idea how can I survive from thousand of tests, so I admire myself sometime.

I have a breathtaking experience before. One time I forgot to recite the English text last night. The school draw lots for ten students recite the text on the stage in front of all the people in my grade. Unfortunately, I was in that ten who have to recite the text. People who are chosen go to the stage one by one. I was too nervous that I cannot remember any word in the textbook. My brain is all black. I start to think how people will laugh at me about I don’t remember anything or how teacher will punish me about I didn’t do the homework. When the time went by, I was sweat a lot and my hands start shaking. I was the ninth to recite the text. But guess what? According to the previous recite the text too slow, so the times delay. It means I don’t have to recite the English text in front of the people. I felt relaxed to hear that news. Since that I decide to prepare every recite text carefully to prevent from this situation again.